Dr Bug needs your help to keep her patients healthy! Fight off the bad microbes that make the children ill by using the correct treatment.

Antibiotics kill bad bacteria in your body. But be careful, because they also kill good bacteria!

Antibiotics are no match for viruses, so in the game you rely on the body’s defences, white blood cells, to beat viruses. Eating healthy food, like apples, can help to boost your body’s defences.

When bad bacteria become resistant to antibiotics, you may be in trouble! You have to rely on your body to defend itself against these bad ‘superbugs’.

Help Dr Bug to bust the bad bugs and create some microbe mayhem!

“We are delighted that the Oxfordshire Science Festival will be the launch pad for Dr Bug: Microbe Mayhem! This innovative app will stimulate conversations within families about healthcare choices in a way that is enjoyable.”
Dr Dane Comerford, Director of the Oxfordshire Science Festival

“Dr Bug: Microbe Mayhem! is a fun game that will help to educate the general public, and children in particular, about antibiotic use.”
Professor Matt Hutchings, School of Biological Sciences at the University of East Anglia

“It was fun and I learned a lot from the game.”
Amy (11 years old)

“Dr Bug: Microbe Mayhem! introduces children to a complex and current topic in an engaging and modern way.”
Mrs Melody Chadwick, Science & Physical Education and Service Liaison Officer at Aston & Cote Church of England Primary School


Please be aware that actions taken in the game do not fully reflect the situation in the real world. A healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet will support your health, but should not be relied on to manage bacterial or viral infections. Always seek professional medical advice if you have questions about a medical condition. Oxford PharmaGenesis and Global Initiative assume no responsibility for any treatment decisions made based on the contents of the game Dr Bug: Microbe Mayhem! and any associated materials.

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