Oxford PharmaGenesis shares its social media expertise

2 March 2017

As a leading healthcare communications company and a proud member of the Reciprocate network, Oxford PharmaGenesis takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously. We were therefore delighted to be given the opportunity to share our social media expertise with local charities earlier this month.

On Tuesday 21 February, Ellie Collins and Saundra Hemmings – two of our social media experts – facilitated an oversubscribed morning workshop for over 30 charity representatives from the Oxfordshire area. The workshop aimed to address the following key questions.

  • What are the reasons for using social media and what are the tools available?
  • How can my organization use social media to achieve our objectives?
  • How can my organization optimize our use of social media?

In addition to providing a lot of practical advice and presenting several case studies, Ellie and Saundra encouraged delegates to participate in ‘hands on’ sessions. This prompted plenty of fruitful discussion about what is achievable with social media, bearing in mind that there is a global network of more than 2.5 billion social media users. Armed with statistics to support the growing usage of social media (there was a 31% increase in social media use in 2016 compared with 2015), the presenters convinced workshop participants that there are numerous ways in which social media can help organizations to meet their objectives.

We were delighted with the feedback we received.

Oxford PharmaGenesis was provided with this amazing opportunity thanks to our involvement with Reciprocate. “Reciprocate aims to help Oxfordshire’s business community become more strategic in their thinking about community engagement,” commented Tony Stratton, Reciprocate founder. “I genuinely believe that this can be a game-changer. There are over 4000 charities in our local community and they need our support more than ever, but as responsible businesses we can be more effective together than we can be separately, so we need to share ideas, pool resources and collaborate.”

To find out more about Reciprocate, please see information on the Oxfordshire Community Foundation (OCF) website: http://oxfordshirecf.wpengine.com/giving/corporate-giving/reciprocate/

If you are interested in finding out more about Oxford PharmaGenesis and our social media workshops for charities, please contact ellie.collins@pharmagenesis.com and saundra.hemmings@pharmagenesis.com