Annual charity donations and Oxford PharmaGenesis colleagues making a difference in the world

22 December 2017

The desire to make a difference in the world is at the heart of everything we do at Oxford PharmaGenesis. We make a difference to patients seeking treatment for their unmet needs, and we make a difference through our fundraising and charity work – in the past 3 years, over £30 000 has been raised by the joint efforts of colleagues and the company.

With colleagues being actively involved in so many charities close to their hearts, Oxford PharmaGenesis has decided to increase its annual charity donation to support four charities nominated by our colleagues globally. These are: PTEN UK & Ireland (PTENUKI), the International Kidney Cancer Coalition (IKCC), the Christina S. Walsh Breast Cancer Foundation and Drew’s Hope.

In an exciting new development for our company, 2017 has seen two colleagues serving on the Boards of the patient charities and organizations close to their heart.

Lizzie Perdeaux, Senior Medical Writer at Oxford PharmaGenesis, is a member of the Board of IKCC, an umbrella organization that seeks to raise awareness and fund research into kidney cancer globally.

“We are very grateful to Oxford PharmaGenesis for using their Christmas donation to support the IKCC. This gift will help the charity to continue in its mission to advocate for patients with kidney cancer worldwide.”

Ellie Collins, Marketing Coordinator at Oxford PharmaGenesis, is a member of the Board of PTENUKI, a charity that aims to improve the lives of patients living with the rare genetic condition PTEN hamartoma tumour syndrome.

“Having worked for Oxford PharmaGenesis for 4 years, I have already had experience of the life-changing work that happens inside our four walls. When I told my managers about my desire to get involved in PTENUKI by mentoring the person who is now Chairman of the charity, it was no surprise that they were happy for me to be involved! The company’s support for my time and travel throughout the year has meant that I have been able to make a significant difference to the charity by building an online network and getting together over 80 patients for our 2nd Annual PTEN Patient Day. With this condition only affecting 200 people in the country, it is mind-blowing to know what can now be achieved and I am so grateful to my company for allowing me to be so involved.”

Oxford PharmaGenesis would like to thank all of its dedicated colleagues for their fantastic work and commitment to make a difference in the world.