Health policy

Bringing new medicines to the world in areas of unmet medical need now has political as well as scientific and economic dimensions. As a result, there are crucial stakeholders who need to understand the evidence for new therapies: patients and health policy-makers.

A key aspect of the Oxford PharmaGenesis approach to HealthScience is our commitment to developing evidence-based policy initiatives to improve global public health, wherever an unmet medical need exists. We deliver such projects in collaboration with the Oxford Health Policy Forum, the Health Policy Practice of Oxford PharmaGenesis. Their dedicated specialist team works with expert input not only to research and create the core documents, but also to ensure maximum global uptake of the recommendations.

Key deliverables

  • Government white-paper level policy reports
  • Policy research and analysis
  • Local stakeholder engagement tools
  • Stakeholder advisory panels
  • Policy briefing notes and presentations
  • Communications and publications plans

Introduction to the Oxford Health Policy Forum

Examples of our work

Fleischhacker W, Arango C, Arteel P et al. Schizophrenia: time to commit to policy change. Oxford PharmaGenesis 2013.

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