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As I came to the end of my Masters degree in Biological Sciences, I can say without a doubt that I had no idea what I wanted to start my career in. The obvious answer was to carry on and do a PhD; after all, I had already spent a whole year solely in a research lab – what would four more be? But the year I had spent within the lab had given me an inkling that I did not want to spend the rest of my career performing western blots. After putting more thought into it, I found that I was more drawn to science communication than the practical side. Being able to educate others about new findings at the same time as learning more about them myself was something that really interested me. I also realised that I wanted to use my whole degree and work on a range of subjects and therapy areas, particularly on the clinical side of things.

Post graduation, with the guilt of not having job-hunted through my final year kicking in, I was trawling through recruitment sites to find an entry-level role and discovered the medical communications industry. After doing some research, it sounded like an area that fit what I was looking for. I started as an Editorial Assistant in a relatively small agency, quickly realising how much I enjoyed the balance and being able to continue learning while starting a career within the industry and getting to grips with the basics.

Over time, I developed an in-depth understanding of the different roles within medical communications and thought about how I wanted to pave my career path. After a year, I decided that I was ready to move on and pursue an Account Executive role – I wanted to be more involved in the daily life cycle of projects. I applied for a position at Oxford PharmaGenesis and was contacted by a member of the Talent Acquisition Team. The process was thorough but quick: within a week of applying and a few hours after my virtual interview, I was offered the job! (NB: the timeline of the recruitment process can vary depending on a number of factors.)

I joined Oxford PharmaGenesis in February 2021 and doing so remotely went better than I could ever have thought. There was regular communication and I received a wonderful welcome pack that made me feel like part of the company even before I started. Onboarding remotely can be very daunting; not knowing anyone or meeting them physically beforehand can be scary when going into a new job, but the company have made me feel very comfortable, and everyone I have been introduced to is lovely and willing to help. I am very excited to see how my career develops here!