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I stumbled across the medical communications industry more by accident than design in 2017. Having graduated from Oxford Brookes University in 2013 with a BSc in Sport Science and Human Biology, my first step into post-education life was a short stint at a recruitment consultancy. This involved sourcing candidates for project management roles in the IT industry. It was a truly memorable time and provided me with an affinity for project management, as well as being a steep learning curve to professional life.

Following this, I worked in an operations role at a private tuition establishment which allowed me time to develop my project management skills further, while also undertaking formal training on a part-time basis. After completing the PRINCE2 course in 2016, I began to look for a role in project management, non-specific to any industry. Shortly afterwards, I was contacted about a Project Coordinator position at Oxford PharmaGenesis for the newly formed Patient Engagement team. I interviewed pretty much immediately at the Oxford office and was offered my first position with the company on the same day.

With very limited knowledge of the medical communications industry, I based my decision to take the role more on the feel of the team, the company and the people. I remember arriving early for my interview and being offered a cup of tea and a chat by a future colleague who happened to greet me at the door. This was not a planned element of the interview process but exemplified the culture at Oxford PharmaGenesis and how people-orientated the company truly is. I soon realized that the role also offered me the chance to apply my degree to my work, which was an added incentive to accept the position.

I have now worked for the company for 4 years and I have not only achieved personal success but have also contributed to the success of several teams and the company. My role has developed from Project Coordinator in a brand new team to Senior Account Manager, now working across two fantastic teams. I get to work with clients from right across the globe, including San Francisco, Melbourne, Moscow, Istanbul and Central Europe. As with most project management roles, there are points where the work is tough. But at Oxford PharmaGenesis you’re never on your own and I’ve found that the team only gets stronger from these challenges.

It is a cliché to say but no two days or projects are the same. The variety of projects and opportunities has been the most surprising element since I joined; be it travelling around the world, working on a gamified app for children that teaches them about antibiotic resistance or even contributing to communications on the latest treatments and vaccines. The company provides you with a platform to drive your own development. If you’re looking for a new challenge or career, then don’t hesitate to explore it with Oxford PharmaGenesis.