Richard White cycles from Oxford to Cambridge for the British Heart Foundation

12 September 2014

4Following on from his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Oxford PharmaGenesis Commercial Director Dr Richard White will be taking part in the Oxford to Cambridge bike ride on Saturday 27 September to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

“Unfortunately, cardiovascular disease runs in my family,” said Richard, who took up road cycling last year in order to keep fit. “It is a terrible thing, as much when it brings life to a sudden end (as happened to my Aunty Betty and my Uncle Doug) as when it leads to incapacitation of previously active and healthy people (my grandmother). Pharmaceutical companies and public health initiatives have made amazing progress in reducing the incidence of heart attack and stroke. Continue reading

Oxford PharmaGenesis attends Westminster Business Forum Keynote Seminar on UK health life sciences

23 June 2014

Westminster Business forum logo edThe need for an integrated, multidisciplinary approach to drug development, healthcare policy and decision-making was a recurring theme of the Westminster Business Forum Keynote Seminar on UK health life sciences, attended by Oxford PharmaGenesis this week in Whitehall, London, UK. This strongly supports the HealthScience concept developed by Oxford PharmaGenesis, which combines the clinical and scientific aspects of healthcare with the economic, social, behavioural and political dimensions that determine the value of new healthcare interventions.

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