ISPOR Europe 2023

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November 12–15

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Keeping pace with advances in value demonstration and AI

HEOR and market access are evolving, with big changes in HTA around the corner, acceleration in the use of RWE and increased reactions to cost-containment measures. We are contributing to conversations about how these changes affect value demonstration strategies. At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we are experts in advising on payer strategy, developing payer evidence and supporting payer evaluation. We understand differences in payer evidence needs, and we know how to create compelling value stories for our clients that achieve powerful results.

The rapid progress in the development of large language models has taken the world by storm and holds much potential in many areas of medicine. However, the stakes are high, so it is vital that their application be thought through carefully and responsibly. At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we take a measured approach to AI and combine it with a deep understanding of systematic reviews. This ensures that we always provide the highest-quality outcomes using the approach best suited to our clients’ needs.

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