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Oxford PharmaGenesis has been analysing and communicating data for more than 20 years – what has changed is the volume and number of data sources, which are evolving and growing. As medical communications professionals, we are supporting our clients in adapting to this need.

In a world in which the volume of biomedical data is expanding exponentially, data-driven decision-making within pharma necessitates an approach that sits at the intersection between healthcare information and technology: AI and Data Science. We are helping our clients to navigate this dynamic and rapidly growing field and optimize the insights that can be achieved from their data sources.

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Our team of data analysts and communication experts can help to bridge the gap between complex data science principles and real clinical applications by the pharmaceutical industry, healthcare professionals and patients. As members of the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), we are committed to the vision of a world where information transforms patient care.

General enquiries (informatics)

Explore the visualization below to see how we are bringing together multiple data sources to derive data-driven insights.

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I’m very excited about this initiative, especially seeing its potential to transform the way we look at our existing drug product portfolios, uncover hidden opportunities; and find a new way of looking at drug differentiation.

Global Medical Director for CNS & Pain, Abbott

Thanks so much for joining the team, your insights will help us get the messaging right.

Head of Medical Publications, AstraZeneca

This is the greatest platform I’ve seen; I feel like I’ve joined the right place at the right time.

Global Medical Director for CNS & Pain, Abbott

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