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Advocating for continued improvement in healthcare, for the benefit of all

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Combining specialist insight, robust scientific analysis and clear communication to drive measurable impact

Strategic insights gathering, patient mapping and tactical planning

Patient advisory boards, patient partnership groups and strategic councils

Patient group meetings and symposia with patients and clinicians

Patient-authored and patient-reported outcome publications

Full range of plain language deliverables and guidance materials

Health literacy training and resources

Internal workshops and e-learning

Patient study or disease area materials and websites

We are unwavering advocates for patient equity and inclusion

We publish articles on equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion. We lead equity, diversity and inclusion sessions at conferences.

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We are industry leaders in patient engagement

We work with multiple clients, patient groups and patients across projects and therapy areas


We are highly trained in the principles of health literacy

The Center for Information & Study on Clinical Research Participation

What our partners say

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CISCRP has been working with Oxford PharmaGenesis since 2018. We have come to consider Oxford a strong collaborator in our work together. They share in CISCRP's non-profit mission and vision of providing patients and the public easy-to-understand information about clinical research that may have a significant impact on their lives. Most notably Oxford joined with CISCRP to provide support to the Operation Warp Speed Vaccine sponsors by providing plain language communications specifically about COVID-19 vaccine trials. All of this work was provided pro-bono by CISCRP and Oxford. We can't say enough wonderful things about Oxford - as a company and the individuals we engage with daily.

Jill McNair, Senior Director, Health Communications Services, CISCRP

I think we are going to end up with a very powerful piece that has the combined impact of empowering people as well as dispelling myths, with the result of letting people live their best lives.

UK client, working with us since 2022

Really looking forward to seeing the final version of the PLSP. It has truly been enjoyable and indeed, an honour, to have assisted with this wonderful project.

US patient, working with us since 2022

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Dedicated patient engagement experts

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Sarah Griffiths

Sarah Griffiths

Communications Director

Emily Stock

Emily Stock

Communications Consultant

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Patient Engagement

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