Patient engagement

From empowerment to impact, explore the benefits of patient engagement

Patient engagement empowers patients, caregivers and other stakeholders to have demonstrable impact. It has important touchpoints throughout the drug development process and across functions within the pharmaceutical industry.

At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we are committed to advocating for continued improvement in healthcare, for the benefit of all.

We offer a complete range of expertise – from strategic consultancy and experience mapping to co-created materials – combining specialist insight, analysis and clear communication.

Service offerings

Strategy and consultancy

We provide strategic and tactical know-how. We draw on deep expertise to plan and deliver omni/multichannel materials for patients.


Impact of patient engagement

We develop frameworks and metrics, as well as adoption plans, to measure the impact and value of patient engagement initiatives.


Patient insights

We collate quantitative and qualitative data via social media and AI tools. We carry out focus groups, surveys, patient persona development and more.

Advisory boards and councils

We provide end-to-end support, arranging patient and caregiver partnership groups, strategic councils, patient advisory group involvement in Delphi panels and more.


Patient experience data

We work collaboratively to create and publish representative, usable and valuable experience maps that capture the holistic patient journey.


Thought leadership

We stay informed and shape conversations. We share expertise in patient engagement, plain language document best practice, accessibility and inclusion.

Patient authorship

We champion patient-authored publications. We offer patient-involvement frameworks and toolkits to support best practice locally and globally.

Patient authorship

We champion patient-authored publications. We offer patient-involvement frameworks and toolkits to support best practice locally and globally.


Plain language

As experts in content and guidance materials, we create and review plain language summaries (PLS) and standalone PLS publications (including AI-generated materials). We provide health literacy training and e-learning.


Content co-creation

We work with clients on study and disease area materials, patient websites and patient group-facing documents to support reimbursement and more.


We are driving change in health policy via the complete development of evidence-based policy reports, launch and endorsement campaigns, and impact assessments.

Leaders in health literacy

We are industry leaders in patient engagement and highly trained in the principles of health literacy.


We are unwavering advocates for patient equity and inclusion

We publish articles on equity, diversity, accessibility and inclusion.

We lead equity, diversity and inclusion sessions at conferences.


Everyone, everywhere, all at once: an accessibility story

Why create materials that a sizeable proportion of your audience cannot read? Learn more about why accessibility matters, and discover our five recommended steps toward accessibility in healthcare communications.


Plain language summaries

Plain language summaries (PLS) enable a broader audience to understand an original article. Explore the evidence base for the value and impact of PLS and how they can improve accessibility in scholarly publishing.

What our partners say


I think we are going to end up with a very powerful piece that has the combined impact of empowering people as well as dispelling myths, with the result of letting people live their best lives.

UK client, working with us since 2022

You really are amazing at connecting the dots to my scattered ideas.  I have never worked with such a talented team on a [slide deck] like this. You should be proud of the final product, it REALLY will end up helping patients get better treatment for their atopic dermatitis!

US client, working with us since 2017

Thanks so much. [The symposium is] over and it was well received by all. The amount of work that went into this project was evident and I am very proud of it. Many thanks to you, team, for making us look good.

Global client, working with us since 2021

Honestly, this deck is a benchmark for the quality of educational offerings we want associated with our MSLs. Oxford PharmaGenesis partners – thank you for everything you have done to assist us in achieving this. Well done, all!

US client, working with us since 2017

This lexicon workshop has been our first really big project together and you hit the ball out of the park. The amount of positive feedback we have received from the team is amazing. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the hard work that went into this workshop. It means so much to me to have such a wonderful partner on this exciting and challenging product.

US client, working with us since 2011

I am really happy with the team as they are doing truly an excellent job at all levels! Kudos to all. I am getting the right kind of support from operations to strategic. On a personal level, I also really enjoy working with all members of the team and get on well with all of them.

Global client, working with us since 2021


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