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We are an award-winning medical affairs consultancy, positively influencing our clients’ careers, teams and organizations.

Our dedicated medical affairs consultants are supported by a range of specialist delivery teams, together providing unparalleled thinking and the best of consultancy culture.

We are opinion leaders in the medical affairs industry, and have won a Communiqué award for ‘Medical affairs agency of the year’.

Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

Service offerings

Medical strategy

  • Omnichannel – integrated, audience-centric communications planning to ensure an optimal audience experience
  • Content strategy – engaging content designed to deliver on your communications objectives and the needs of your audience
  • Competitor intelligence analysis – strategic assessment of opportunities and threats in the competitive landscape for future planning
  • Advisory boards – generating insight, opinions and recommendations from experts with relevant and appropriate experience

Field medical

  • Training – upskilling internal teams and external customers
  • Evidence communication – resources and assets to aid scientific exchange

Evidence generation

  • Evidence gap/landscape analysis – strategic assessment of the current evidence landscape
  • Integrated evidence planning – strategic data planning, generation and delivery
  • HEOR and RWE – integrated approach to demonstrating product efficacy, safety and value


  • Patient engagement – creating communications that patients will value
  • Behavioural change – integrating behavioural science techniques into communications planning and delivery
  • Informatics and data science – generating insight, meaning, actions and metrics from multiple data sources

Medical communications

  • Scientific communications platforms – strategic scientific narrative development to give your product or therapy area the best possible platform for all your future communications
  • External expert mapping – identification of the right experts to meet your needs
  • Congresses and symposia – engaging in scientific exchange with your audiences at scientific meetings
  • Publications – strategic, integrated and published evidence planning and delivery

External education

  • Virtual/hybrid events – Delivering education by connecting you with your audiences


  • Design and development – ensuring that your content is reaching and engaging your audiences through creative execution and delivery with impact
  • e-Learning – education and training planned and delivered through modular user learning journeys
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“You really are amazing at connecting the dots to my scattered ideas.  I have never worked with such a talented team on a [slide deck] like this.  You should be proud of the final product, it REALLY will end up helping patients get better treatment for their atopic dermatitis!”

US client, working with Oxford PharmaGenesis since 2017

“Thanks so much. [The symposium is] over and it was well received by all. The amount of work that went into this project was evident and I am very proud of it. Many thanks to you, team, for making us look good.”

Global client, working with Oxford PharmaGenesis since 2021

“Honestly, this deck is a benchmark for the quality of educational offerings we want associated with our MSLs. Oxford PharmaGenesis partners – thank you for everything you have done to assist us in achieving this. Well done, all!”

US client, working with Oxford PharmaGenesis since 2017

“This lexicon workshop has been our first really big project together and you hit the ball out of the park. The amount of positive feedback we have received from the team is amazing. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the hard work that went into this workshop. It means so much to me to have such a wonderful partner on this exciting and challenging product.”

US client, working with Oxford PharmaGenesis since 2011

“I am really happy with the team as they are doing truly an excellent job at all levels! Kudos to all. I am getting the right kind of support from operations to strategic. On a personal level, I also really enjoy working with all members of the team and get on well with all of them.”

Global client, working with Oxford PharmaGenesis since 2021

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