Medical affairs

Creating impact through innovation

Medical affairs is at the forefront of communication between our clients and the healthcare professional, payer, and patient communities that they serve. As such, medical affairs activities must create impact.

At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we create communications that deliver real impact. Our unique approach combines audience insights, our integrated HealthScience view of the world, best practices in omnichannel communications planning and proven behavioural science techniques.

Service offerings

Strategic medical affairs consultancy

Our expertise ranges from scientific narrative and communications platform development to competitor assessments, audience insight analysis and advisory boards.

Strategic medical affairs consultancy

  • Medical affairs strategic planning

  • Scientific narrative and scientific communications platform development

  • Competitor assessment of opportunities and threats

  • Healthcare professional audience segmentation and insight analysis

  • Evidence gap analysis – strategic assessment of the evidence landscape

  • Content and communications strategy

  • Advisory boards – generating insights, opinions and recommendations from experts


Medical communications and publications

We offer everything from field medical support and training, disease awareness campaigns and congress symposia communications to innovative publications planning and delivery.

Medical communications and publications

  • Field medical support and training

  • Reactive/proactive slide decks for scientific exchange

  • Learning design for internal capabilities and training

  • Omnichannel communications planning and delivery

  • Congress symposia

  • Disease awareness campaigns

  • Mechanism-of-action animations

  • Publications planning and delivery


Omnichannel communications

We can help you to integrate your communication channels seamlessly, resulting in truly engaging experiences. We can upskill your teams to enable them to uncover actionable insights.

Omnichannel communications

  • Solid strategy – we can help you to create and deliver an omnichannel communications and content strategy that is aligned to your organization’s infrastructure, channels and ways of working

  • Engaging experiences – our omnichannel communications planning helps to create engaging experiences for your audiences, taking into account their individual content and channel preferences

  • Capability enablement – we can help you to upskill your internal teams with omnichannel best practices and supportive ways of working

  • Data and actionable insights – a solid omnichannel platform integrates individual audience data from online and offline channels. We can help you to track and measure audience interactions using a customer relationship management (CRM) system


Integrated evidence planning

We are leaders in integrated evidence generation plans (IEGPs). We provide strategic consultancy for the tactical delivery of IEGPs throughout the product life cycle.

Integrated evidence planning

  • An integrated evidence generation plan (IEGP) brings together all evidence generation work across geographies to ensure the delivery of robust evidence throughout the product life cycle

  • An IEGP can be an improvement compared with traditional evidence generation planning in discrete functions because it helps to avoid duplication of effort

  • Many pharmaceutical companies are already using this more effective IEGP approach, and it is likely that many more will follow

  • We are experienced at providing strategic consultancy for and tactical delivery of IEGPs: from initial virtual, hybrid and in-person workshops to the delivery of the final IEGP 

  • We are leaders in IEGPs. We have developed and co-led workshops at Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) meetings with our clients and we are continually innovating to meet client needs. We have been shortlisted as finalists at the Communiqué Awards

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Value demonstration

We specialize in integrated, innovative approaches to value demonstration, delivering systematic AI-supported literature reviews, value dossiers and health technology assessments. We engage with patients, clients and other stakeholders to co-create clear communications.

Value demonstration

  • Literature reviews with artificial intelligence (AI) assistance according to evidence need

  • Indirect treatment comparison and economic modelling

  • Evidence planning

  • SURETM real-world data source identification

  • Value dossiers and health technology assessments (HTAs)

  • Objection handling and payer tools

  • Publications planning and delivery

  • Value story and message testing

  • Policy shaping and patient voices

  • Landscape and HTA needs assessment

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Patient engagement

We co-create impactful patient engagement projects directly with patients and other stakeholders in line with best practice standards.

Patient engagement

  • Our team of dedicated patient engagement specialists offers a range of services from empowerment to impact assessment

  • We can assist with strategic planning, patient experience mapping, insights gathering, impact assessment, patient councils and workshops, health literacy training, and patient authorship and plain language summary (PLS) best practice

  • We co-create with patients and clients to deliver and assess the impact of patient engagement projects

  • We work with clients, medical research organizations and charities to set up, recruit, develop, and run patient workshops and focus groups in line with best practice standards

  • We apply health literacy best practices and accessibility guidelines to patient materials and we work with clients to generate engaging, accurate and compliant documents suitable for patients


AI and data science

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to transform patient care. We support our clients by designing and implementing innovative AI-based solutions.

AI and data science

  • Oxford PharmaGenesis was an early adopter of artificial intelligence (AI), quickly realizing that the world is changing. We have had an AI and Data Science Team since 2021 and we have used AI since 2019

  • Our AI and Data Science Team supports our clients and our company by designing and implementing innovative solutions

  • AI has the potential to transform patient care and we are proud to be part of this revolution


Learning design and training

We create tailored learning solutions using evidence-based learning design principles. We bring content to life to help drive long-lasting behaviour change.

Learning design and training

  • We create tailored learning solutions that adopt evidence-based learning design principles, which means that our educational activities are both engaging and effective

  • We involve the learner from the start of the training to discover their knowledge gaps and any challenges to ensure that the training resonates with the audience

  • We are passionate about incorporating creativity and storytelling into learning programmes, and bringing our e-learning and workshop content to life. We help to create inspiring experiences that drive long-lasting behaviour change



Our virtual, in-person or hybrid events will connect you with your audiences. We can enable scientific exchange through congresses and symposia, and we can help you to generate expert insights through advisory boards.


  • Virtual/hybrid/in-person events – connecting you with your audiences

  • Congresses and symposia – engaging in scientific exchange with your audiences at scientific meetings

  • Advisory boards – generating insights, opinions and recommendations from experts

  • is an award-winning, free-to-access series of virtual conferences that has been running since 2018

Thought leadership

At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we aim to help foster global conversations about medical affairs. For example, we partner with Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) to host and moderate workshops, sharing our expertise to encourage best practice.

At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we are:

Gold Sponsors of MAPS Partner Circle Executive

Exhibitors at MAPS Americas, MAPS EMEA and MAPS-MAPA

Attendees at MAPS local chapter meetings

Our colleagues hold other key medical affairs positions:

MAPS Evidence Focus Area Working Group

Roundtable session hosts at MAPS Americas and MAPS EMEA

Board-appointed ISMPP nomination committee

ISMPP annual meeting organizing committee


Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS)

Award-winning medical affairs

We are proud of the recognition that our work receives. We were named the 2023 PharmaTimes Medical Affairs Team of the Year and we were also finalists in the Communiqué Awards Excellence in Medical Affairs category in 2023. Our previous awards include being named Communiqué Awards Medical Affairs Agency of the Year in 2021.


What our partners say


I think we are going to end up with a very powerful piece that has the combined impact of empowering people as well as dispelling myths, with the result of letting people live their best lives.

UK client, working with us since 2022

You really are amazing at connecting the dots to my scattered ideas.  I have never worked with such a talented team on a [slide deck] like this. You should be proud of the final product, it REALLY will end up helping patients get better treatment for their atopic dermatitis!

US client, working with us since 2017

Thanks so much. [The symposium is] over and it was well received by all. The amount of work that went into this project was evident and I am very proud of it. Many thanks to you, team, for making us look good.

Global client, working with us since 2021

Honestly, this deck is a benchmark for the quality of educational offerings we want associated with our MSLs. Oxford PharmaGenesis partners – thank you for everything you have done to assist us in achieving this. Well done, all!

US client, working with us since 2017

This lexicon workshop has been our first really big project together and you hit the ball out of the park. The amount of positive feedback we have received from the team is amazing. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all of the hard work that went into this workshop. It means so much to me to have such a wonderful partner on this exciting and challenging product.

US client, working with us since 2011

I am really happy with the team as they are doing truly an excellent job at all levels! Kudos to all. I am getting the right kind of support from operations to strategic. On a personal level, I also really enjoy working with all members of the team and get on well with all of them.

Global client, working with us since 2021


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