MAPS EMEA 2022 Annual Meeting: Paris

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15–17 May

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Find us at booth 6

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MAPS EMEA 2022 Annual Meeting: Paris

Oxford PharmaGenesis is proud to sponsor the MAPS EMEA 2022 Annual Meeting – the largest annual convention for Medical Affairs professionals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We are an award-winning, independent, global HealthScience consultancy. We take clients to new places with a range of transformative services. Our teams use innovative approaches, such as informatics, to explore new frontiers in strategic medical communications, informatics and data science, patient engagement, e-learning and value demonstration.

If you’re ready to explore new frontiers, Oxford PharmaGenesis is
here to help.

Meet us at booth 6

Exploring new frontiers

Medical Affairs

Let’s explore the evolving landscape of medical affairs

The field of medical affairs is being transformed by the drive towards patient-centred, digitally enabled engagement. We partner with our clients by offering full support on all medical affairs activities throughout the product life cycle, from evidence generation and strategy planning to clear communication of medical content tailored to physicians, patients, regulators, payers and policy-makers.

Informatics and Data Science

Let’s explore where data could take you

The universe of available biomedical data is constantly expanding. To use all these data to improve decision-making, we need an approach that sits at the intersection of healthcare information and technology: informatics. We help our clients navigate this dynamic and rapidly growing field. With our support, you’ll see through the data and discover powerful insights.

Patient Engagement

Let’s explore increasing patient involvement

We are committed to making a tangible difference to patient health. Our team of dedicated patient engagement specialists can help you understand the impact of evolving healthcare innovations. Let’s reach out to make meaningful patient connections at every stage of the drug development continuum.

Value Demonstration

Let's explore ways to support patient access

Innovative and life-changing interventions need to be funded by healthcare systems worldwide and be made available to the patients who need them the most. We help incorporate unmet need and health economic concepts into your strategies through effective communication and tactics to support the reimbursement of new interventions and to achieve broad patient access.


Let’s explore new ways to inspire

We combine evidence-based learning design with the evolving potential of new technologies to create powerful and immersive learning experiences. We can help you to set industry standards with your e-learning materials and to motivate audiences to drive improvements in healthcare.

Strategic Medical Communications

Let’s explore new possibilities in medical communications

We apply a deep understanding of the science, audiences and channels to create effective medical communications across all forms of media. Our strategic planning process can take your medical communications to another level by connecting insights with medical objectives and evolving technological opportunities.

Open Pharma

Let’s explore the future of pharma

Open Pharma is driving positive change in the communication of pharma-sponsored research at the frontiers of open science. Our goal is to accelerate the transparency, accountability, accessibility and discoverability of medical research. Together with pharma, publishers, patients and other stakeholders, we are building trust in healthcare communications.

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