Real-world evidence

Real-world evidence of the effectiveness, safety and value of new healthcare interventions is increasingly required throughout their life cycle.

Our mix of academic, consultancy, payer and industry experience and our unique approach to HealthScience enables us to guide comprehensive real-world and epidemiology programmes. Whether your evidence requirement is to support marketing authorization, benefit–risk assessment, value demonstration or commercial planning, Oxford PharmaGenesis will ensure that you generate and communicate robust, compelling real-world evidence to shape the decisions that influence product approval, reimbursement and uptake.

Key deliverables

  • Systematic Understanding of Real-World Evidence (SURE™) data source assessments
  • Systematic reviews, meta-analyses and mixed-treatment comparisons
  • Real-world evidence study design, management, communication and publication plans:
    • clinical/claims database studies
    • comparative effectiveness research
    • post-authorization safety/benefit–risk studies
    • registries and observational studies
    • focus groups and surveys
  • Patient-reported outcomes mapping, analytics and communications
  • Delphi process and consensus statements

Examples of our work

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