Claire – Project Manager

After completing my degree in Pharmacology at the University of Portsmouth, I was keen to put into practice the techniques that I had learnt on my course. I therefore joined a global drug testing and biomedical diagnostic organization as an Analytical Scientist. My responsibilities were within the drug testing sector, where I carried out state-of-the-art laboratory analyses on oral fluid, urine and hair samples, providing fully defensible results for court of law or industrial tribunals. After promotion to Senior Analytical Scientist and Laboratory Manager in the mass spectroscopy laboratory, I was involved in the introduction, writing and review of analytical procedures relating to drug extraction and chromatography.

After just over 10 years, I decided that I wanted to extend my knowledge and skills, so I applied for the role of Project Coordinator within the Value Demonstration Practice (VDP) at Oxford PharmaGenesis. I felt that I could readily transfer the skills and knowledge from my previous job, thus contributing to the medical communications business. Project coordination and staff management were crucial in my previous role; strict turnaround times had to be adhered to because financial penalties would ensue if the laboratory failed to deliver results. This experience proved invaluable in my new role.

I was excited to join the VDP because it was a team with a diverse range of projects, working with both global and local pharmaceutical clients. After initial training, I was managing one of the team’s largest contracts, and supporting writers to ensure that projects ran smoothly and remained on time and on budget. It was a busy and challenging role that allowed me to use my initiative and put forward new ideas, and therefore provided a lot of job satisfaction.

Oxford PharmaGenesis encourages career development and, since joining in 2013, I have had the opportunity to expand my role. As Project Manager with a focus on content development I work with writers by providing editorial assistance on a variety of projects, including HE&OR publications, presentations, digital applications and health technology assessments. Additionally, I perform the screening and data extraction for systematic reviews. The role is incredibly rewarding and involves working closely with all members of the team.