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I started working in medical communications not long after graduating from the University of Birmingham with a BSc in Natural Sciences. My degree combined biology, maths and Spanish, but I chose to specialize in biology, completing a literature review project in my final year. This involved reading a lot of journal articles, which made me appreciate the importance of clearly written and well‑structured text. In my spare time, I became a Science Editor for the university newspaper, which gave me my first taste of editing, layout and design.

I was introduced to the medical communications industry at a university-run workshop about non-laboratory-based careers in science and set about getting my first job as an Editorial Project Assistant. I was delighted to discover that I enjoyed my role, finding satisfaction in contributing to such a key industry. After all, it is very important for medical information to be conveyed clearly, accurately and appropriately for the audience. Over four years, two companies and three promotions later, I am now thoroughly enjoying my role as a Senior Editor at Oxford PharmaGenesis.

For me, one of the best things about working at Oxford PharmaGenesis is the variety of work. A large proportion of my team’s work consists of journal articles and abstracts, which require focus on flow and scientific accuracy, as well as on grammar and punctuation. We also do a lot of work with PowerPoint presentations, booklets, meeting materials, newsletters and posters; for these, we consider layout and design as well.

Another aspect of working at Oxford PharmaGenesis that is important to me is the workplace culture. I particularly enjoy the shared team spirit that is evident in the way everyone pulls together and supports one another to keep the quality of work high when deadlines are tight. This reflects the company’s core values, which are outlined in the Oxford PharmaGenesis Philosophy and which have been upheld by the company as it has grown in size. I also think the fact that the company is independent, with shareholders who are employees, contributes to the feeling of unity among the staff.

So, if you want a satisfying and varied career at an award-winning, team-oriented company, I highly recommend joining Oxford PharmaGenesis!