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I have had an enthusiasm for science ever since I was a small child, fascinated by the natural world. My love for science led me to complete my BSc in Psychology, but I ended up being far more fascinated by the statistical methods we studied than some of the research itself.

I was given the opportunity to study specialist fields such as Bayesian statistics, animal behaviour and the philosophy of artificial intelligence (AI). This led me to study for an MSc in data science, specializing in data modelling and machine learning. It was quite a change of direction for a once-aspiring psychologist, but having experience in writing up research helped me to become a great communicator of statistical concepts.

When I applied to become a Data Analyst, I had never dreamt that I would work in this industry and had no idea that medical communications even existed. Despite having reservations about lacking industry knowledge, the projects looked far too appealing to pass up! I accepted a job at Oxford PharmaGenesis mid-pandemic and every effort has been made to welcome me into the company and working from home. Right from the offset, I was fortunate that I could help shape what our team offers and work with teams across the business. It’s exciting to work for a new team that is developing and growing its capabilities while I am developing my own skills too.

Much of the work we do overlaps with our Digital Development team, and we have a strong working relationship with them. As AI and Data Science is a shared service, we get an opportunity to work with lots of clients across all areas of the business. From dashboard design to figure automation to data modelling, there is never a dull moment working in this team!