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My undergraduate degree included genetics, biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology modules, which are proving very useful in aiding my understanding of the work of our clients. I have an MSc involving psychological research methods and a PhD in Psychology.

I particularly enjoyed creating presentations and reports during my studies, adjusting my own writing style to suit a variety of audiences. I found this to be a desirable quality in a medical writer from job descriptions.

My research in psychology examined the origin of misinformation in news reports of scientific findings. I was interested to find a role where I could actively contribute to accurate scientific communication.

During the recruitment process, the interviewers placed strong emphasis on teamwork and communication skills. The writing test gave me a great understanding of the type of work I would be expected to undertake.

There is a much higher level of professionalism in medical communications at Oxford PharmaGenesis than I experienced in academia. We handle very sensitive, and often confidential and copyrighted material.

I enjoy working with others within my team, elsewhere in the company and across our clients’ organizations, collaborating on important documents for potentially lifesaving treatments.