From action to impact – Oxford PharmaGenesis leads at MAPS 2024 EMEA

28 May 2024

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Author: Kate Haynes – Communications Director at Oxford PharmaGenesis

At Oxford PharmaGenesis, we appreciate the importance of impact and the need for our clients to achieve it. It was therefore serendipitous that the theme of the 2024 Medical Affairs Professional Society (MAPS) European congress was ‘impact’ and how this notoriously elusive goal can be attained in practice.

The annual MAPS EMEA congress is always an exciting event, enticing a range of professionals with a stake in Medical Affairs, from small biotechs to Big Pharma. Helen Stimpson, Gary Male and Kate Haynes (Communications Directors) joined our Chief Operating Officer, Richard White, in Madrid for 1.5 days of thought-provoking discussion … and un poco de sangría. 😊

The event kicked off with a rousing keynote speech and panel discussion from several leaders in Medical Affairs, including Tamas Koncz, Chief Medical Officer at Pfizer and Thomas Lang, Global Head of Medical Affairs at Novartis. The main message? Right now, we need to focus on “shifting the conversation from action to impact.”

Richard and Gary toast some very successful workshops

It was clear from the discussions that Medical Affairs teams have never been under greater pressure. They are in the difficult position of being heavily relied upon by Commercial and R&D, but in most organizations, don’t hold the strategic gravitas that these ‘traditional pillars’ of pharma do. However, Medical Affairs is uniquely placed to meet the needs of an evolving market; and that’s where ‘medical transformation’ comes in. To get Medical Affairs teams started on their journey to strategic collaboration, Richard chaired a workshop with our Ipsen clients. This was very well attended, with over 110 delegates taking part in two highly interactive sessions. The feedback received was excellent, with several representatives from other companies requesting copies of the workshop materials, so that they could hold similar sessions! And our MAPS presence didn’t stop there. In addition to our ‘impact-themed’ booth, Gary also ran an engaging workshop on integrated evidence planning, highlighting Oxford PharmaGenesis’ position as a leader in this area.

As I bade a tired farewell to Madrid on Wednesday morning, what were my final thoughts? Aside from “they really do make the best omelettes in Spain”, it was clear to me that there’s never been a more pertinent time for us to act as strategic partners to our clients. By guiding them on their path to impact, we can ultimately help to ensure that innovative medicines reach those who really need them. And isn’t that what it’s all about?