Reporting from the Women in Data Science Conference

08 March 2021

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Today I’m attending the online Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference, along with tens of thousands of professionals, speakers, ambassadors and thought leaders reports Hollie Rawlings (Data Analyst – Informatics and Data Science).

Coinciding with International Women’s Day, the 24-hour conference comprises more than 200 events across more than 60 countries. It offers courses, workshops, talks, a ‘datathon’, and lots more to inspire, educate and upskill people who work – or aim to work – in the innovative and exciting field of Data Science, regardless of gender.

This year, themes include computer vision, natural language processing and artificial intelligence (AI). Some of the key topics that I’m particularly interested in, and that help to inform our work at Oxford PharmaGenesis, include: the role that AI is starting to have in drug discovery; ethics and responsible data science; and improving healthcare with machine learning.

My highlights from the conference include ‘Machine learning: a new approach to drug discovery’, ‘Are the most vulnerable mothers enrolled in the family nurse partnership?’ and ‘Ethics and responsible data science’.

The Women in Data Science Worldwide Conference is presented by Stanford University (California, USA) and sponsorship comes from tech giants such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

Learn more about this year’s schedule and watch videos from last year’s conference here.

Hollie attending the Women in Data Science Conference