Hot topics

Champion sponsor of the Annual Meeting

Reported by Devorah Weinstock


  • Alley Sullivan, Senior Account Director, The Lockwood Group
  • Alyssa Bowling, Senior Manager, Scientific Communications, Sunovion
  • Dee Bojanic, Global Publications Lead, Gilead
  • Samantha Koth, Director, Medical Affairs, Sunovion
  • Marissa Nolan, VP, Group Scientific Director, The Lockwood Group

The hot topics were chosen by an ISMPP member-driven survey and, not surprisingly, the topics chosen for discussion were all related to the impact of COVID-19 on medical publications.

Owing to the pandemic, medical conferences are now virtual and scientific posters are presented online, instead of traditional printed posters. Publication professionals were curious to know what best practice is now for digital posters. Should online posters be kept to traditional style or switched to more interactive and streamlined formats?

A significant advantage with streamlined posters is that complex data can be more easily digested by physicians and other viewers. However, some authors and internal pharmaceutical

stakeholders perceive streamlined posters as lacking adequate scientific rigor. What can be done to get all stakeholders on board with creating streamlined posters?

One solution is to add QR codes and links to more study data. Another suggested solution was the use of traditional posters for first-time presentations of primary study data and then streamlined posters for encores. Additionally, a hybrid approach between traditional and streamlined poster formats can be used.

The world of medical conferences has pivoted towards virtual conferences and increased use of streamlined poster presentations, and this is likely to remain even once the COVID-19 restrictions have passed, meaning that these lessons have enduring significance.