Oxford PharmaGenesis supports CISCRP's Patient Diversity Campaign

Oxford PharmaGenesis is proud to support CISCRP in a new educational initiative to increase awareness and understanding of clinical research among minority urban communities. We have collaborated with CISCRP to sponsor an advertisement that highlights the key importance of diversity among participants in clinical studies in order to discover treatments that are effective for everyone. (more details)

Oxford PharmaGenesis CEO, Chris Winchester, said, “Diversity in clinical trials has never been more important than during a pandemic that disproportionately affects people from minorities. We at Oxford PharmaGenesis are proud to support CISCRP‘s campaign to increase the diversity of patients taking part in clinical trials.”

In addition to the full-page, four-colour advertisement is an article and advertorial published adjacent to the advertisement creating a full-page spread that reinforces the importance of this campaign within diverse communities. View the full-page educational spread here.

Join us in spreading important messaging about clinical research and in helping to inform the public about the importance of diversity among study volunteers who participate in clinical research.