CISCRP Patient Diversity Campaign sponsorship: part of our commitment to EDI

23 November 2022

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As part of our commitment to promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) in the workplace and across the work that we do, Oxford PharmaGenesis is proud to sponsor the latest CISCRP educational media campaign which promotes greater patient diversity in clinical trials.

The Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) is a leader in patient engagement and one of our valued partners. Their latest patient diversity campaign aims to spread awareness of clinical research and share educational initiatives with underserved minority communities. It highlights the importance of diversity among clinical study participants to discover effective treatments for all.

CISCRP has published a full-page educational advertisement and article in five different newspaper publications, both print and digital, reaching over 3 million individuals across Black, African American, Hispanic and Latino communities.

Oxford PharmaGenesis is a long-running sponsor of CISCRP campaigns. Our support is driven by our mission to help life-changing treatments to get to where they are needed most, as well as our dedication to promoting EDI by working with colleagues to continuously inform and improve our unique, compassionate culture.

Oxford PharmaGenesis Human Resources Director and EDI lead Jill Wund said:

“Our long-running partnership with CISCRP and regular sponsorship of their patient engagement campaigns are part of our company’s commitment to EDI and our conscientiousness around the issues that really matter in our industry. If we’re to fulfil our company mission, we need to help ensure that the treatments we help to promote will be truly effective not just to any one demographic in society, but to everybody.”

We previously sponsored CISCRP initiatives including their campaign earlier this year to raise awareness and understanding of clinical research among minority urban communities in cities across the USA and among the wider general public.

Join us in helping to spread the word about the importance of diversity among volunteers who participate in clinical research. View the campaign and full-page educational spread here. Learn more about CISCRP’s International Education and Media Awareness Campaigns here.