European meeting of ISMPP 2021

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Collaboration, connectivity and change

Poster list

How openly accessible is pharma-sponsored research? An informatics approach
Harry Freeman, Steph Macdonald, Slavka Baronikova (Galapagos), Lara Miller (Alexion), Valérie Philippon (Takeda), Tim Koder and
Tom Rees

Improving the use of ORCID: a publisher case study
Laura Dormer (FSG), Sarah Sabir, Joanne Walker (FSG) and Paul Farrow



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Poster list

Podcasts for delivery of medical education
Julliana Newman (Gilead), Andrew Liew, Jon Bowles, Kelly Soady and Steven Inglis)

Analysis of pharmaceutical industry-affiliated preprints in the medRxiv repository
Susan Wieting (Takeda), Sunita Setlur (Takeda), Ericka Bueno (Takeda), Nicolas Bertheleme, Kim Wager, and Valérie Philippon (Takeda)

Authorship practices for publications affiliated to a mid-sized pharmaceutical company
Heather Lang, Laura Drought, Phoebe Hobbs, William T Gattrell (Ipsen)

Tool to measure real-world publication reach, engagement and impact
Tom Rees, Heather Lang, and William T Gattrell (Ipsen)