Collaborating with Pfizer to identify cancer biomarkers: spotlighting our artificial intelligence (AI) and
informatics capabilities

08 April 2022

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Our Informatics and Data Science team has developed a paper, in collaboration with authors from Pfizer, that details a novel approach to identifying emerging cancer biomarkers. The paper, recently published in the journal Cancer Informatics, is accompanied by a publicly accessible, interactive dashboard to allow users to explore new insights around emerging biomarkers.

Biomarkers play a pivotal role in estimations of disease risk, early detection of disease, differential diagnosis, assessment of disease development and outcomes prediction. Studies of cancer biomarkers are published daily; some biomarkers are well characterized, whereas others are of growing interest. However, managing the high volume and continuous flow of information related to biomarkers presents a challenge to scientists and clinicians.

An AI approach to biomarker identification

Working with Pfizer, our Informatics and Data Science team developed an approach involving the use of an AI information platform, Dimensions, to identify biomarkers and clusters of biomarkers. These biomarkers may be important for future research in bladder, breast, colorectal, lung, prostate and renal cancers.

The paper is titled Identifying and Validating Networks of Oncology Biomarkers Mined from the Scientific Literature and you can read it here. Watch an animated summary of the approach and outcomes of the project below.

The manuscript is accompanied by a publicly available dashboard, so readers can explore the data for themselves. A poster and a plain language summary are also available.

Informatics and Data science: a unique offering

Pharmaceutical companies are under pressure to innovate, and AI offers numerous new frontiers to explore. Working together, we can tap into the potential of applying AI to projects or day-to-day roles.

As part of a unique medical communications offering, our team of data analysts and communication experts are able to relay complex AI concepts to a wide range of real-world, non-technical audiences.

This collaboration with Pfizer is an exciting step towards bridging this gap.

Learn more about what we can offer here.