Evidence generation: Oxford PharmaGenesis to collaborate on Medical Affairs education for MAPS professionals

26 January 2024

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Following an invitation from MAPS (Medical Affairs Professional Society), Oxford PharmaGenesis Communications Director Gary Male has joined the Evidence Generation Focus Area Working Group (FAWG). He will volunteer his time and expertise to help to educate the society’s membership of Medical Affairs professionals about this specialty area.

MAPS hosts several FAWGs, comprising representatives from industry and consultancies who focus on different Medial Affairs specialties.

The groups collaborate to produce content and resources, such as white papers and podcasts, and offer guidance to help to evolve and steer the specialty areas into the future.

Through Gary’s membership in the Evidence Generation FAWG, Oxford PharmaGenesis will be able to contribute its own expertise and learn from and collaborate with experts in the field.

IEGP: an alignment of interests

The Evidence Generation FAWG aims to educate MAPS members on new and exciting topics in the area. It explains contemporary practices for data generation strategies and offers guidelines around the design, implementation and communication of new evidence.

The group’s scope covers health equity, real-world evidence and more. It is particularly interested in integrated evidence planning (IEGP), which aligns with our own company’s interest in this area and our delivery of IEGP across several major clients.

Evidence generation at 2024 MAPS events

In May 2023, Oxford PharmaGenesis co-hosted a very successful IEGP workshop with Takeda at the MAPS EMEA Annual Meeting. We will hold a similar workshop on IEGP at the MAPS Americas Annual Meeting in Puerto Rico, March 2024.

Gary says, “I’m really excited to join this working group and make a more active contribution to the Medical Affairs profession and the evolving area of evidence generation. This membership will lead to greater opportunities for collaboration and will further establish Oxford PharmaGenesis as a leader in Medical Affairs.”

Find out more about MAPS and their work here.