Oxford PharmaGenesis launches dedicated Informatics and Data Science Practice

05 July 2021

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A new, dedicated Informatics and Data Science Practice is poised to optimize data insights for Oxford PharmaGenesis clients. The practice builds on more than 20 years of in-house experience, and will take advantage of the growing and evolving volume of biomedical data sources within healthcare.

Our team of data analysts and medical communications experts are fully equipped to help clients to adapt to the need for increased application of advanced analytics, data science and artificial intelligence to achieve powerful data insights.

The team will help to bridge the gap between these complex concepts and their implementation – and help pharma, healthcare professionals and patients to better understand such techniques and their potential.

“Data are at the heart of everything we do,” says Kim Wager, Scientific Director – Informatics and Data Science, “so it’s key that we continue to be innovators in our industry. Recent technological advances are changing how pharmaceutical and clinical research is conducted. In response to this, we can support our clients in their use and communication of these new technologies.”

Oxford PharmaGenesis is committed to the vision of a world in which information transforms patient care, so this strengthening of an increasingly important field of expertise is a natural development for the company, explains Chief Operating Officer Richard White.

“This is a really exciting step for Oxford PharmaGenesis. We’re proud to be the leading independent company in the industry, and to retain this distinction, we’re constantly evolving to adapt to market trends and emerging client needs. We have some of the best industry expertise in informatics and data science within our team, and we can’t wait to see the positive real-world impacts in the work of our clients.”

Key services offered by the practice include data analytics, data visualization, data communication and strategic consultancy.

Meet the specialist team and learn more about the practice on our new dedicated webpage.