Monday 10 May to Wednesday 12 May

2021 Clinical Data Disclosure, Transparency and Plain Language Summaries

A focus of the 2021 Clinical Data Disclosure, Transparency and Plain Language Summaries virtual conference was on the forthcoming implementation of the EU Clinical Trial Regulation (EU CTR) and the launch of the Clinical Trial Information Service (CTIS).
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Oxford PharmaGenesis launches new HealthScience approach to medical choices

Leading independent consultancy Oxford PharmaGenesis is pioneering the innovative discipline of HealthScience. For the first time, this integrates the clinical and scientific dimensions of healthcare with the economic, social, behavioural and political perspectives that determine the value of new medicines and health interventions.

Heart failure: a call to raise awareness and save lives

Addressing heart failure must be considered a global health priority because poor awareness of the disease leads to many premature deaths. Approximately 26 million people are living with heart failure worldwide, and if current trends continue the disease will impose ever-increasing burdens on patients, caregivers and healthcare systems.

Oxford PharmaGenesis welcomes investment in biosciences in Oxfordshire

Recent announcements regarding Government investments in Oxfordshire are good news for those working within biosciences in the county.